Apua Arkeen ry  - Briefly in english

Apua Arkeen ry is an association which provides advice to persons who in their daily life deal with children or adolescents with special needs and face challenges in behavior and learning.

Our goal is to combine and support instances in connection with the child’s development so that the children are able to reach their potential in life. The services are designed to enable individuals diagnosed as Autistic, Asperger’s syndrome, AD(H)D, Mentally Disabled, CP, Learning Disabled or Developmentally Delayed, to function as full a member of society as possible.

Our philosophy, A Holistic Approach to Quality of Life, focuses on the overall well-being of not only the individuals we support but families and professionals who support them, as well. Factors that impact human behavior and quality of life are communication, environment, wellness, having a support team and how the sensory-motor systems function. Sensory-motor issues cause abnormal or challenging behavior, learning difficulties and concentration problems. By improving the way the brain receives, processes and sends the information we improve the ability to function.

Each child is viewed as an individual. The developmental assessment results in the design of a user-friendly SeMoCo (Sensory-Motor-Cognitive)-exercise program that can be done by parents, teachers, and direct caregivers. Because of the easy implementation, the program can be done as part of daily routines at home and/or at school.

Now the book also available in English:‘How to Help Children with Sensory Dysfunctions’ by Donald Szegda and Erja Hokkanen. To order a copy in English contact info@apuaarkeen.org⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠


Since the early fifties, several countries have done sensory motor exercises with thousands of children. Their experience demonstrates strongly that it is important to recognize the function of the sensory and motor system in upbringing and education. The exercises done by parents or other care givers have changed the behavior of the child. These changes have made learning easier and most of all have improved their quality of life.

When we are able to normalize the inefficiently functioning sensory and motor systems the child is able to improve his body schema and functions more efficiently within his environment. When the child experiences success his self-esteem improves, as does his willingness to attempt more challenging tasks.

In the concept of Functional Neurological Development, we believe it is important that the child goes through all the stages of normal development, giving him the best chances to reach his potential.

When evaluating ones behaviour it is important to notice and recognize the different areas that effect behavior, – for example the sensory motor system, communication, wellness, the support team and environment. If we can recognize the real cause of the challenging behaviour it is easier to find a solution.

We offer:

Lectures and Consultations

General Lectures – Open to all. Organized by municipalities, universities, and other organizations

Our topic usually is “Support for daily life, learning and behavior”. We discuss about the  holistic approach and the factors that affect behavior and learning with emphasis on sensory and motor functions. Audience participation is encouraged. Contact us for more information 

Training for groups – Scheduled by schools, daycare centers, assisted living centers, service centers for disabled, local officials etc.

Includes an onsite visit and general lecture on the topic. The training also includes the presentation of basic SeMoCo (sensory-motor-cognitive)- exercises. Participants are instructed in the implementation of basic SeMoCo exercises and activities.

At the second, more advanced training, staff can be taught how to do an evaluation  themselves and create individualized exercises and activities programs.

The content and brevity of the lectures and training can be tailored to suit the needs of each location.

Family Consultations 

Families are seen either at a resource center or at the child’s normal environment (home, daycare, school etc).The consultation starts by mapping the child’s background and the present family situation. During the visit, we both observe and interact with the child. Based on the information obtained an individualized SeMoCo training program is designed for the child. It will be implemented with games, play, or as a pleasant massage for the child. The program is implemented 5 days a week. This repetition during the course of the day usually results in permanent learning by changing the structure and function of the nervous system.

During the initial period, telephone and email consultations are provided. A follow up visit to review the progress and to do program modifications is scheduled after four to eight months.

The families are also given practical ideas to make their daily living go smoother. Parents are provided direct support and assistance in finding other support persons if necessary.


We are members of the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD).

Our Collaborators:

  • Voluntas VZW (www) / Belgium

In addition we cooperate with several other organizations for the individuals with special needs.

We ha have done consultation and lectures at:

  • Usa
  • Porkuni Kool, Viro
  • Iran
  • Espanja
  • Voluntas v.z.w.,  Antwerpen, Belgia
  • SeMoCo- Center, Montpellier, Ranska

In Finland 

  • Vihdin kunta / Varhaiskasvatuksen henkilökunta & opetustoimi
  • Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopisto / Oulu
  • Careeria Oy / Porvoo
  • Valteri koulu / Mäntykangas
  • Vantaan Kaupunki, Uomarinteen koulu / Vantaa
  • Lempäälän kunta, Lempoisten koulu / Lempäälä
  • Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu Oy / Jyväskylä
  • Hippo terapiaklinikka Oy / Jyväskylä
  • Auran kunta, varhaiskasvatus / Aura
  • Rinnekodin koulu / Espoo
  • Oy Porvoo International College Ab / Porvoo
  • Helsingin Kaupunki, varhaiskasvatus Mova-ryhmät / Helsinki
  • Porkuni- Kool (Porkuni-koulu) / Viro
  • Savon vammaisasuntosäätiö / Iisalmi
  • Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu / Rovaniemi
  • ELO ry / Rovaniemi
  • Varhaiskasvatus sekä iltapäiväkerhot / Nurmijärvi
  • Vaalijala / Pieksämäki
  • Rinnekotisäätiön asuntola / Klaukkala
  • Kolpene / Rovaniemi
  • KEVA-keskus / Kuusamo
  • Sataedu / Harjavalta
  • TSAU ry / Tampere
  • Lapuan kristillinen opisto / Lapua
  • Alhoniityn koulu / Nokia
  • Paloahon koulu / Kuopio
  • Keskuspuiston ammattiopisto / Kerava
  • Haukkarannan koulu / Jyväskylä
  • Keski-Suomen autismiyhdistys / Jyväskylä
  • Kasper ry / Helsinki
  • AVI  / Itä-Suomi
  • Solakallion koulu / Helsinki
  • Kiteen Oppimiskeskus SuoVilla / Tohmajärvi
  • Mylly-Antin koulu / Turku
  • Sofianlehto / Helsinki
  • Kehitysvammaliitto / Espoo
  • Pielisen koulu / Lieksa
  • Diakonia- ja Kasvattajaopisto / Pieksämäki
  • Järvenperän koulu / Espoo
  • Humppilan erityislasten yhdistys / Humppila
  • Helsingin seudun erilaiset oppijat ry (HERO) / Helsinki
  • Lyhty ry / Helsinki
  • Järnefeldinkadun päiväkoti / Järvenpää
  • Killinmäen keskuslaitos / Kirkkonummi
  • Runoratsun päiväkoti / Espoo
  • Peimarin palvelukeskus / Paimio
  • Kvarnbackens skola / Porvoo
  • Pääjärven kuntoutuskeskus / Lammi
  • Kivenpuiston koulu Nurmijärvi
  • Jyväskylan yliopiston erityiskasvatuksen talvi- ja kesäpäivät / Jyväskylä
  • Erityispedagogiikan laitos / Helsinki
  • Second Nordic Conference of Research on Autism&AS / Oulu
  • Helsingin Seudun kesäyliopisto / Helsinki

Contact Us:

Apua Arkeen ry

Kaanaantie 188,

01800 Klaukkala

Y-tunnus:  1925638-0

sähköposti: info (@) apuaarkeen.org

Erja Hokkanen  +358 40 51 555 24  erja.hokkanen (@) kolumbus.fi

Marjaana Heinonen + 358 40 680 7724 info (@) apuaarkeen.org